As of 19 February 2013, NTEC Environmental Technology ("NTEC") is now CDM Smith.
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CMD Smith
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NTEC's small consulting team, specialising in simulation of hydrological processes and environmental impact assessment, has joined CDM Smith, a leading global consulting, engineering, construction, and operations firm that delivers integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities.

CDM Smith has over 5000 employees and 125 offices worldwide, including locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin.

NTEC's software reselling activities will continue separately under the name GW-SW.


NTEC Environmental Technology
  • provides consulting services to industry and Government, both directly and in association with other consultants
  • has high level expertise in a range of quantitative methods applicable to the types of projects we work on
  • sells and provides local support for software used in environmental and water engineering
  • offers personalised training in groundwater, hydraulic and environmental modelling
  • conducts reviews and audits of simulation models and reports prepared by others
  • plans to provide a range of technical resources for the benefit of others

We are a small Australian company, aiming to provide new capabilities and services in the Australasian and Southeast Asian region.

We work mainly with the mining, coal seam gas (CSG) and water industries, specialising in simulation for design and environmental impact assessment.

Our point of difference is the depth of our experience in environmental science and engineering. As specialists in simulation, with experience in field studies, data collection, development of modelling software and application of those models to real situations, we are skilled in interpretation of data, design and development of simulation models, and in calibration and uncertainty analysis.

  • February 2013: NTEC Environmental Technology ("NTEC") is now CDM Smith.
  • June 2012: New Australian groundwater modelling guidelines have been released by the National Water Commission. The guidelines were developed by SKM and the NCGRT, in collaboration with NTEC Environmental Technology, CSIRO and others.

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